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Since Arthur Bornstein founded his unique and highly successful school of Memory Training in 1952, more than a million people have strengthened their memories using his remarkable methods, including executives and employees from 500 major corporations.
A leader in his field, Mr. Bornstein has received a special commendation from the California legislature for his educational approach to memory training, and his courses and seminars are the first college-accredited memory training programs in the U.S.

Amazing feats of memory and a skill in demonstrating and teaching his techniques have made Mr. Bornstein a celebrity in his own right. Sometimes called the "Memory Professor", or simply the "Memory Guy", he has appeared on every important radio and television talk show including appearance with Johnny Carson, Steve Allen, Dinah Shore, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, Regis Philbin and the popular David Letterman Show. For fifteen years he was a favorite guest expert on Art Linkletter's television and radio programs. TV/ radio producers, your audience will never forget this program!

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Everyone in the audience participates using Mr. Bornstein's techniques that improve memory in business, social and academic life.

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Arthur Bornstein's Memory Training Programs
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One million students improved their memory since 1952 !

Arthor Bornstein's Memory Power

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