Attention Meeting Planners!
Make your Next Convention an Instant Success!
with world renown memory expert

Arthur Bornstein

  • Your members will learn how to remember names, faces, numbers and fact of all kinds

  • Everyone will immediately benefit from this fast-moving, informative presentation

  • This hands-on demonstration of successful memory techniques involves the entire audience

  • They will take home techniques to immediately use for their academic, business, and personal lives

"Memory - How to Improve It" has been presented to organizations such as: General Motors, 20th Century Fox, IBM, American Dental Association, Young Presidents Organization, Mattel Toys, and Hughes Aircraft.

These superior memory techniques will make your next convention a hit!
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Arthur Bornstein's Memory Training Programs
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One million students improved their memory since 1952 ! 


Arthor Bornstein's Memory Power

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