I gained self assurance from your course. My boss is impressed with my new ability to remember client's names
- Mary Hilton, Secretary

In my work as research engineer my ability to retain information has doubled
- William P. Kraus, Research Engineer

I now have a whole new approach to study and learning. I can associate, concentrate and analyze material quickly. remembering names, faces, dates, phone numbers and vocabulary is easy
- James W. Ericson, Salesman

All parents should take this course. It enabled me to help my children with their school work
- Mrs. Margaret Danielson, Housewife

My son wrote me how he memorized 700 pharmaceutical formulas-result "A" in his course in pharmacology
- Dionne Neutra, Architect's Wife

I never realized how much this course would help me. I'm getting better grades and spending less time studying
- Richard Clemens, U.S.C. Student

I have made a hobby of foreign languages and vocabulary, which were impossible for me before your memory training course
- Henri Nina Colburn, Housewife

Using your memory methods, I received my first "A" in the ten years that I have been taking insurance courses
- Jim Cox, Property Insurance Manager

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One million students improved their memory since 1952 !

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