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Scott Bornstein’s father, Arthur Bornstein, was ahead of his time. An educator and entrepreneur who took a little-understood skill and developed the most widely recognized and formidable learning system of its kind; transforming the lives of students, executives, salespeople, and adults across the United States and around the world, since 1952.

Trained early, Scott understood the genius of his father’s business and took the many opportunities while a UCLA undergrad to teach overflowing classes at his dad’s memory school and special memory “SuperLearning” study skills programs for local university extension departments … UCLA, USC, and California State Northridge.

Scott fine-tuned the systems and training methodologies for learners at all levels, brought technology into his teaching, self-published a wildly successful vocabulary mastery text used by students to score higher on the verbal section of the SAT, and was chosen to create the Verbal Advantage course – sold nationally and internationally – based on his book. 

He launched an SAT/PSAT training company combining the accelerated learning systems he pioneered for test-taking success, and then joined with Dr. Marilyn K Simon (math genius and teaching phenom), to take their unique training/teaching talents to the high-stakes test preparation worlds of SAT/PSAT/GRE/GMAT/LSAT/ACT and to helping teachers pass high-stakes licensing exams. Their programs trained students across the US, Canada, Hong Kong, SingaporeIndia and the middle east.

Since 1986 onward Scott has been sought after by companies, sales & training organizations, the hospitality industry, government agencies and associations of professionals from  trial lawyers to CPAs, mental health to manufacturing, and by exclusive peer-to-peer executive organizations – Young Presidents’ Organization, TEC, Vistage International, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Harvard OPM – to make their members better leaders through his training and programs at more than 5000 local, regional and global events in 52 countries.  

Scott and his wife have three accomplished children. She boasts that the best thing about his memory is that he rarely has to use it, thanks to her!

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Whether it’s corporate leadership retreats, company all-hands meetings, annual conventions, executive spousal events, sales training or shipboard lecture engagements, everyone who experiences Scott Bornstein walks away amazed and excited, with personal and professional takeaway, business and social value, and the confidence in their newfound memory capability to remember what they must not forget!


Intuitive and easy to master, Bornstein’s process triggers your brain’s recall ability for any subject in minutes … not hours or days.

It works the way the brain is wired to learn – using story and dynamic, visual imagination.  With a precise, learned system, you discover how to focus your attention and concentration, and acquire an amazing way to weave new ideas into unforgettable bursts of associations for instant and enduring recall.